Camp Chickawah for Boys was a summer camp on Island Pond in Harrison, Maine, just 60 miles northwest of Portland, nestled in the beautiful Lakes Region of southern Maine. For 65 years, from 1920 – 1985, Chickawah provided a unique camping experience for boys and men from all over the world.

Chickawah's beautiful and serene setting was what made her a unique haven where boys experienced a variety of activities. Year after year campers returned to Chickawah, reuniting in active athletic competition and achievements in land sports, swimming, boating, canoeing, sailing, woodcrafting, nature and campcraft, and more. Here, friendships were forged that would last a lifetime. Often, Chickawah's boys returned as young men to become staff counselors.

Camp Chickawah's alumni have made her proud of her boys, each and every one becoming successful and outstanding men. In the pages that follow, Chickawah's boys can be found as they once were when she knew them, and now, as professionals, as businessmen, husbands, and fathers.

Now, Camp Chickawah has become the site for the girls camp Fernwood Cove, www.fernwoodcove.com . Tradition lives on, and children still continue to laugh, sing and play in the place that was and always will be Chickawah, sheltered in its serenity from the rushing world outside.

Time is inevitable, and although changes have been made by her new owners, Camp Chickawah's tall, valiant pines continue to whisper in the warm summer breezes as they remain the guardians of children's laughter and cheers that echo from the past through to the present and surely will, for many more years to come—as they will forever in our hearts.

~ The Saltman-Steinberg Family

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