Aunt Cele Saltman

Ruth Saltman Velleman - Ruth Saltman Velleman is Betty's older sister, and mother of Paul, David (Jim) and Dan Velleman, all alumni. Ruth worked for many years as a librarian for Abilities, a school and center for the phsycially handicapped. She is now retired and living in Greenport, Long Island.
Jane Steinberg Ehlers - Jane is living in New York, and working for a pharmacutical ad agency as an editor. Jane has a BA in English Lit from Hofstra University, and an MA in Communications form Long Island University. Jane is also a poet and a free-lance writer. Her son Jonathan is now 26 and works as a real estate appraiser and a videographer, but his real passion is feature film making, like his dad. Jane and Amy created and designed this Camp Chickawah Alumni website along with the help of Jeff Grant.
Jill Steinberg - Jill is Moe & Betty's other daughter, and Jane's twin. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and lives in New York with Moe & Betty. Jill graduated from C.W. Post College with a BA in Enlish Lit, Magna Cume Laude. Today she works on her personal computer with a special program -- originally designed for Stephen Hawking the astrophysicist -- using a button she punches with her knee. She recently published an anthology of original poems entitled A Poet's Dream.
Amy Steinberg Hochendoner a.k.a. Raven Shine - Amy has two sons. Simon, who is 22, and finishing his Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship in May 2007 -- with a minor in marketing -- at Hofstra University. He is a professional musician and videographer. Check out his website at www.simphonicmedia.com. Jacob is 9-years-old, with a passion for cars, and in the fourth grade in Coral Springs, Florida. Amy lives in Coral Springs, with Jacob and his father, Bob. Amy just recently finished her BA in English at Nova Southeastern University. Some of you may remember that in August of 1979, Amy's college career was interrupted by a serious car accident. It only took her 28 years to finish. Yay! Along with going back to school, Amy has an alternative career as a Psychic Medium using the name Raven Shine. After having regular monthly workshops at Borders Books on Long Island, and in south Florida, and teaching in Adult Education, her following has grown quite large, along with a recently published book, The Journey Home: A Beginner's Guide to Reading Tarot Cards, and a meditation CD, Meet Your Spirit Guide -- produced by Simphonic Media, Inc. Check out her website and don't forget to read your free monthly forecast.
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