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SEE AND HEAR: Matty Pace on "The Indictment of Barry Bonds"

A Message from Uncle Moe
A message from �Uncle Moe� in tribute to his Camp Chickawah boys who will soon be reuniting to gather round in the campfire light. �Sing for time is flying fast, and we are young tonight" -- a tune created by the late  �Uncle Chick� with verses written by a drama counselor, Eddie Elescue -- legend to the generations of campers who carry the words and music with them and share the joyful refrains with their own children: that is �tradition!�
Chickawah is a tradition which lasted over sixty years from the time the first tents were pitched in the summer of 1920,  until the last call of taps the summer of 1985. I am privileged to have shared some of that experience with you since the first summer I arrived shortly after I came home from WWII in  1946. The only camp I ever attended was boot camp.
During my first twenty years in camp, I inherited a job from Uncle Chick to run the kitchen in addition to other special counselor duties. I was young and inexperienced, but dedicated to carrying out whatever responsibilities he thought important to the camp and me, for surely he had a time in mind when his daughter, Betty, and I would follow the tradition.
I began by accompanying him on visits to the homes of prospective campers much the same way as I eventually did when I visited your homes. Many experiences followed summer after summer until I was thoroughly familiar in all matters of recruitment, directorial duties and recognizing the awesome responsibilities as a camp director.
I should like to take you back in time when Betty and I first met as students in New York University�s School of Education,  in the Spring of 1943, where we were physical education majors, and before I went off to WW II. She was seventeen and I was not yet twenty. It did not take us long to realize that we were in love, but without serious thoughts beyond the excitement of the new experience for two very young people. By semester�s end I went off to boot camp and we began to correspond and she became a counselor in a girls camp in Maine. I continued with specialized training in Atlantic City, New Jersey so we were able to see each other on weekends until I completed training and was assigned a billet on a wartime convoy escort and anti-submarine vessel. We continued to correspond while I was at sea even though we did not receive mail regularly. On occasion my ship returned to port in Boston, and with 48 hour passes I managed to come home. I had done a year�s tour of sea duty and shortly after the war ended with Germany I volunteered to go to the Pacific for reassignment, which never
materialized because Japan surrendered. In October 1945 we were married in New York City. In October of 2007 we will have been married 62 years.
My life�s story would not be complete without recounting the 12 wonderful years I also spent in a once very proud and recognized New York City public school system, where I completed the grades as a student, then 30 years as a certified teacher of elementary and secondary school subjects -- among them Physical Education and Art Education -- and least 15 of  those years as a student yearbook advisor, and Art advisor to literary art magazines. The recounting would not be complete without adding the years I spent in after-school and evening community recreation centers while acquiring thirty post-graduate credits beyond the Master�s Degree. It was not uncommon for conscientious young men who chose teaching as a career to pursue additional career interests. I had a young family while Betty was an at-home Mom until she then resumed her own teaching career. We spent the last 12 years of my teaching career in the same high school.
Now that you are raising your own children, recognize them as individuals. Love and praise them. Instill in them a sense of  responsibility and independence early in their lives so that they may deal with life�s experiences. Teach them to stand against adversity with determination to persevere, and that love has its own rewards. Teach them that success is not always
measured in worldly possessions, but in the achievement of a worthy life. If you have not already done so, teach them what the letters of CHICKAWAH have always stood for, and if the exact wording does not easily come to mind, you know what they represented to you as a camper.
                                                    BOOMA  LACKA  CHOO.  
�Uncle Moe�
Hank "Lefty" Gotthelf
My name is Hank Gotthelf I attended Chickawah from 1948-1954 or 55.During those years I was known as "Lefty". I started camp as a toddler (4yrs) old at Camp Navajo in Honesdale ,Pa, and transferred to the greatest camp ever Chickawah. The memories of camp years have never left me and to this day I still sing and cheer the cheers that are so dear to our hearts. My grandson who is now 15 and plays organized sports still hears the chickawah cheers from  his "papa" ,much to the amazement of his mother and my wife of 47 years Roanne, who still knows her camp cheers from Camp Kenmont. Camp life never dies it just moves on to the next greneration .   I just had the pleasure of attending my 50 yr high school reunion and was reunited with my campmate and childhood friend Ken Mandel. We both attended Chickawah together. We have the same birthdate of July 25 so we were the recipients of one big cake during our camp season.  During the high school reunion we met a spouse of one of my classmates who comes from and sure enough all the names of camp friends, Peter Saltzman,Howie Jacobs, David Mandlebaum, Morrie Zucker (who I am  sorry to hear passed away recently) et al.  It pays to talk to strangers for it was this person who told me about the reunion. I was obviously sorry not to have known of the reunion because nothing would have kept me away. We live in La Jolla,Calif and I hope that through this venue I will never be without due notice.  I am in touch regularly with Gerry Pollock originally one of the Massachusetts kids  who  now lives in Florida. I shall forward this site on to him immediately.  Some years ago Roanne and I visited camp after it had closed. But true to form Moe and Betty were there and we had nice chat:   that was my last and I might say somewhat tearful goodby to the Camp I knew. But all the names Saltman,Krueger, Bakowski,Pohlman,Mogul,Koff  etc  stay with me.  I might say I had the pleasure of knowing Steve Koff at Syracuse University as a student and alumni. In 1985 I made a gift to Syracuse in honor of Steve and another dear professor. I am happy to tell you that Ihave  a picture of Steve at that time which I shall make available to you. I also might tell you I have picutres of my camp years which might include many boys who were not represented by the available pics  on the site:  I will do my best to locate them and get them to you.  Just to fill out the cv I am married to Roanne Danciger of New Rochelle, NY where we both grew up. Our children are Ken  45yrs old and Wende 43 yrs. Oh my god where did the time go. Justin is our only grandchild from Wende. Ken is still considering the field of opportunities so maybe there are some more Gotthelfs to come into our life.If any one has an eligible daughter I will help make the match.
I close by saying that there could never be a better atmosphere for learning how to live with your fellow human than that created by the Saltman credo CHICKAWAH. Thank you Chick, Celia, Moe, Betty, Henny.  Regards to all my Chickawah friends of past. I look forward to using the contact list and saying hello.

Howard Shearer

Married to Susan for 15 years.  We have 11 year old twin girls, Alex and Jori, and live in Baltimore.  I attended Boston University and received my MBA from Loyola College.  I currently work at PHH Vehicle Management Services where I manage large clients throughout the U.S.  See you at the reunion.

Michael Roth ('70-'75)

I was always hoping someone would put together something from camp. I did try to get in touch with a few guys from my bunk and the bunks near me, but it was not easy. I only found a few.  I live in Hong Kong now. I am originally from NY as i think you know.  I am not sure what info you have, but I was in Chickawah for 6 years, just short of getting that famous 7 year jacket, ha.  I believe from bunk 2 to bunk 13.  I think my last year there was in 1975?  I did get in touch with Gary Arkin once who lives in Florida, I think in Fort Lauderdale, but I don't have his contact now.  I think Doug Henston lives in NJ and Ted Abrams in Philadelphia. Ricky Enfield in Florida as well. Glen Schwartzman in NJ. Also met up a while ago with Marc Straussberg who was a bunk ahead of me, he lived in Hong Kong for a few years.

Juan Rengel

What years those were when I could not even understand what "after dinner" meant. I have come a long way since then and am proud to say that I can now communicate in both English and Spanish. In fact, I feel that I can communicate better in English than I do in Spanish (what an irony!!!).  Yes, I came back to the US in 1981 to learn English yet again. The plan then was to learn the language and go back home to Venezuela. Well, Centreville Virginia is what I now call home and Virginia has been my home state for the last 26 years. I married to Norma from San Salvador, El Salvador almost 16 years ago and we have two boys, ages 15 and 13. This great nation of ours has given me so much that yes, I decided to become a US Citizen.

John Wilde (counselor 1980-1981)
I just saw the website today. I googled chickawah on impulse after looking up some info on a camp my son is attending this summer. The most astonishing thing is that Ira Berezowsky still looks the same. I was the drama counselor in 80 and 81 and will always remember those summers fondly. I'm currently a teacher at Harrison High School in Harrison NY. I'm married with 3 boys ages 17,14, and 11. It's great to know that the camp spirit lives on. I have a few photos but they are as fuzzy as some of my memories. 
Ira Berger
I am married and living in Jacksonville, Florida (at the beach).  In August our family expanded to three when we had a son.  I went to the University of Virginia for college and Duke University for business school.  I spent time in DC, Atlanta, and Tampa I am currently working for a mid sized holding company with commercial real estate and transportation interests.  Great to see what others have been up over the past 20 plus years.
Gregg Franklin (camp seasons 1973-1975)
After finishing up high school in the Pittsburgh area, I went to Kenyon College (Class '85) and then graduated from Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a PhD. in physics in 1991.  I met my wife there (Mara) but we didn't get married until 1996 - she works in fashion design and the arts and currently has an ebay store where she selIs her one-of-a-kind items (  We also have two boys (ages 3 and 5) whom I can't wait to send to a summer camp in the future!  After Illinois, I did post-doctoral work in physics at Harvard and then took a staff scientist position at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, NM for a few years.  After that I went to Sackler School of Medicine (a combined program in Israel and New York; MD 2000) and a few years ago finished my residency in radiation oncology from Washington University (St. Louis).  I am currently working in a private practice back in Albuquerque, NM.
Jim Applebaum (camp seasons 1949-60)
Summers at Camp Chickawah remain embedded in my aging memory bank, floating to the surface without warning in a sudden �boomalackachoo� or the odd humming of camp songs as I head across a grassy field on my way to teach a morning class of boarding school students.   I was introduced to Camp Chickawah by blood: Aunt Cele Saltman was my great aunt. My father, Jack, and uncle, Albert, were campers in the first years. My great uncle Hill Friedberg and Uncle Chick, fresh from World War I military service, were original partners in the camping enterprise. The summer of my ninth birthday, 1949, landed me � after a memorable overnight train trip from Grand Central Station - in Portland, a very novel venue, then my first ride to camp via Ed Tarbox�s yellow busses. Uncle Henny (Henry Saltman) was on sabbatical that first summer ( during which we were quarantined to campus for fear of polio), replaced that season by Jack Christman as head counselor. Art (Chief) Krueger was waterfront head, John B ran the arts and crafts program, Steve Kopf chaperoned the little kids of bunk one. Other old timers remembered early on were the towering Ira Mogul, bugler Seymour (Blue) Becker, and Cal Pohlman on the rifle range.  For the next 11 summers, I progressed, at times slowly, as a competent athlete and topped my Chickawah years as Grey captain before becoming a CIT, then a junior counselor. I wrote my first �news� articles for the Chickawah Chirps, a project of Aunt Betty Steinberg�s. Moe was the kitchen boss and became a teacher at our local public school in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York (my sisters and I named our first dog in his honor).  At Forest Hills High School, I was two years junior to Lloyd Werner but a classmate of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. At Washington and Lee University, I trailed Howard Jacobs by four years but was a classmate of Jimmy Sagner. On one weekend trip, I collided with Joe (Rebel) Mendelson in North Carolina. After college, I returned to New York: beginning as an junior executive at Macy�s, moving then to Fairchild Publications as a staff writer (when I would regularly lunch with beloved  bunk one counselor Dave Amitin), to Benton & Bowles as an advertising executive, to Washington as a government communications consultant and then as an association executive; and since 1998 � after earning an M.A. in writing from Johns Hopkins � at Mercersburg Academy in south central Pennsylvania as an English teacher, dorm dean, and adviser to the weekly student newspaper and the annual literary-arts journal. Among the benefactors of this lovely boarding school is one Nicholas Taubman who, when I first met him, was aghast that I knew his name from a carving on the Big OH wall. I have remained in touch with fellow campers Bobby (Robert) Smith and Ken Schwarz.  I am married to Mercersburg�s theater director, Laurie Mufson , the father of two adult children, Julia Cohen and Kenneth Applebaum, and grandfather of six-year old Adam Cohen. Still, 46 years after my final Chickawah summer, I cannot seem to exorcise from memory the squeak of the pump, the recorded Army bugle calls, Chick�s ragtime piano, the slam of screen doors, the Sunday morning sermons ( if it�s K it must be Knack), or the bats in the mess hall.
Mike & Tom Laskawy
I (Tom) am married with two boys, Kieran (5 next month) and Eli (2 in December).  We live in Philly where my wife, Julie, teaches political science at Penn (aka Chickawah University if the website is any indication).  I have a media production company that I run (barely) with a partner.  Mike lives in NYC and teaches intellectual history and sociology at the Gallatin School at NYU.  I�ve been all over.  Both Mike and I went to Harvard.  Afterward I lived in the city for a couple years and then moved out to SF with my future wife who went to Berkeley for her PhD.  I got into the computer games biz at a company called Rocket Science Games and ended up as a producer there.  Afterward, I went to a CG production company called Protozoa that morphed itself Dotcomix, an internet animation studio where I was in charge of web operations, syndication and acquisitions.  In the middle of all that I lived in Florence, Italy for a year while my wife did research.  Then, the internet bust happened right when Julie went on the job market so we came back east (where family was).  I�ve been slogging away with my partner on film, tv, web projects ever since.
James Zirkman
Graduated Duke University and moved back to NY in 1989.  I am currently living in Marlboro, NJ with my beautiful bride Elisa and our 5 year- old son Garrett.  Spent much of the past years travelling as a VP of sales and marketing for lighting companies. I was very fortunate to find a situation closer to home running a commercial lighting department for an electrical wholesaler about a year ago,which allows me to be home almost every night.  Living in NJ is quite different than where we (Zirkman bros.) grew up in NYC. I don't think my son realizes how lucky he is to play ball on grass fields.  Dan Zirkman lives close to me in Freehold NJ with his wife Lisa and three children TJ, Sarah and Andrew. Ken Zirkman is in Atlanta with his wife Melody and daughter Alyssa. Joe Zirkman just moved up to Syracuse full time with his wife Carolyn and son Max.   I still manage to play soccer a couple times a week, as well as coach the local Pee Wee teams in Marlboro. I was reunited with Bill (Willie) Licht a couple of years ago at Moe's 80th birthday bash, and we trade e-mails now. I know he will be excited to see this site.  Looking forward to more reunions, and many thanks again for all the effort you've put into this!
Ted Abrams

I cannot tell how excited I was when Gary Arkin called me to tell me about the site. I am living in Sarasota, Fl, and am President & CEO of Joffrey�s Coffee & Tea Co. in Tampa, Fl. We are an upscale coffee roaster and tea producer. Best coffee you will ever drink. Our site is I have been married for 15 years to Penny, and have 2 boys, ages 13 and 11. Our oldest goes to Camp Skylemar in Naples, ME. If you remember they were the camp with the soccer field on the huge slant, and yes it is still the same. We have a summer home in Naples, and go back and visit every year. I guess I could not get Maine out of my system. When camp shut down, I visited Moe & Betty that summer. Moe was gracious enough to give me all of the plaques that were hanging in Social Hall, and have them hanging in the garage in Maine. I will go through my camp trunk and see what pictures I can find, and then scan them for you to include on the site. It would be great if we could do another reunion in the near future. Brett Ersoff is the boy skiing, and giving the thumbs up. Gary Arkin, and Greg Ellis are the only two that I have kept in touch with. Jeff Kridel and I kept in touch for a while, but I lost track of him several years ago. I saw you found him, and I can reconnect. Greg and I actually bought a townhouse together in Atlanta when I lived there back in the late 80�s and early 90�s. I caught up with Greg at Emory, he went to Law school, and I went to the business school for my MBA. Now that I think about I ran into Matty Pace there as well.

Steven Yerman

My last summer at Chickawah was 1983. The following summer, Andy Goldstein and I went on a Teen Tour to Israel together and had an incredible experience (no Mickey, we were not responsible for the Intifada, I swear the place was relatively peaceful when we left). I graduated from Tulane in 1990 and moved to Los Angeles and worked in film and video production for Warner Home Video. I got married in 1993 to Sara (also a Tulane grad) and in 1994 the Northridge Earthquake sent us right back to the comfortable snow and ice storms of the East coast. We settled in Rockville, MD, outside of Washington in 1995 and have lived here ever since.

Jim and Steve Yerman

Currently, I manage the operations of a large production and post production facility in downtown DC and Sara is the Finance Director for the Discovery Channel. In 2003, I finally forgave Jimmy for not picking me on his team when he was a tribe captain in 1982. Last summer Sara and I were invited to a wedding in Kennebunkport and I drove out to Island Pond to check out the camp. Turns out it's only 40 minutes from the Portland Airport (not sure why we flew to Boston every summer and then took a 4 hour bus ride�I think they were trying to break us before we showed up). The new owners of the camp are unbelievably generous and we were able to walk around for a few hours while all of the great memories of my childhood came rushing back. It was an unforgettable day. Sara and I have lived the carefree, childless life together for 15 years, but have recently decided to get involved in this whole idea of procreation�our first child is due at the end of February. Wish me luck!

Greg Friedman (orig from Baltimore, MD)

Wow about the site. After Chickawah, I went to school at Washington University and then moved back to Baltimore , getting into commercial real estate brokerage. Long story short � I have my own small firm that handles brokerage and �redevelopment� deals. Married in 1998 and have a son, Riley, who will be 4 in October and a daughter, Ashley, who is 2 1/2. My wife has found some old pictures of some of my old bunk mates � Freddy Turner, David Lichtenberg (Lichtrenstein?), Adam Coplan, and others. I have stayed close friends with Marc Solomon, but not many others. Good to see everyone's stories, and look forward to reconnecting.

Glenn Schwartzman

It was great to hear from you and see the website that you put together about Chickawah. I am living in Boca Raton , Florida . I have been married for 20 years and have 2 children Brooke(14) and Jared (12). When we were looking at camps for my daughter 5 years ago we also visited Fernwood Cove. My kids both ended up going to camp in Maine at Camp Manitou and Camp Matoaka in large part because of my experience at Chickawah. As Gary Arkin said, it was unbelievable running into him at visiting day this summer in Maine after over 25 years as he started talking with my wife Linda who went to UT in Austin at the same time as Gary . I also ran into Lowell Kronowitz a couple of times over the years through a close mutual friend and just became friendly with his cousin in Boca as well as Rick Horrow who is also in the sports field. After graduating law school in 1987 from George Washington, I started my own sports management and marketing firm where I represent primarily NFL and NBA players.

Jon Baime

This site was a real blast from the past, especially after I found a picture of me and my Bunk 3 bunk mates on it from 1973!!!  What a trip!  After leaving Chickawah for the last time in 1979, I pretty much lost contact with everyone.  There were two exceptions over the years.  One was meeting Glenn Singer (2 "n"'s if I remember correctly) at Newark Airport in 1981.  He was passing through via People's Express Airlines (remember them?) on his way back to Pittsburgh and called me to come to the airport and see him.  The other was Dan Geduldig, who I briefly contacted via the early days of e mail way back probably in 1994.  I graduated Ithaca College in 1986.  I was hired by Turner Broadcasting pretty much right out of school.  I moved to the Atlanta area where I still live today.  While at TBS,  I produced for a kids news show for a few years and then produced documentaries for TBS.  I went to some far out exotic places like Katmandu, Dakar, and Easter Island.  The video crew used to call our trips overseas to shoot "Jon Baime Summer Camp" as they would last anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks sometimes in the most remote areas.  Perhaps being in some of those "campy" movies (pardon the pun) we made in 1973 and 1974 at Chickawah inspired me to do what I do.  I left Turner in 2001 and today I run my own video business in Georgia editing and producing for corporate and broadcast clients.  Every June, perhaps out of habit, I instinctively start to think "this is about the time I'd start camp".  It's a testament to the old saying that some things become a part of you forever.

David Scher

I'm currently living in New York on the upper east side with my wife, Nancy, and two boys, Ethan (2 ½ ) and Jack (7 weeks). I'm in practice as a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery. I graduated form Brown in 1989 where I ran cross country and track and raced against Peter Scherr a few times, who ran for Penn. I think I can credit Chickawah for sparking my running career, which I believe we can trace back to those early morning runs when we were in bunk 9, I think (the last one along the row before you get to the path to the waterfront). After Brown, I went to Duke medical school and then did my orthopaedic residency in NY and my pediatric fellowship in San Diego . Along the way, I met Nancy at a Halloween party and had to be nudged by one of my friends to actually talk to her (those socials with the girls camps were always so stressful for me!). We married in 2000. Nancy was a kindergarten teacher, but is now a mom.  I'm in academic practice, which means that I practice clinical medicine and, in my �free time� I try to write and do research. I also enjoy my role teaching medical students and residents. My practice covers the wide scope of musculoskeletal disorders in children, but I have special interests and do most of my research in pediatric foot disorders (like clubfoot), cerebral palsy and fractures.

Greg Friedman (orig from Portland, ME)

I graduated from college in 1990 and was accepted to the Navy's Aviation Officer Candidate School to learn to be a Naval Aviator. I ended up flying the F-14 "Tomcat" with VF-51 onboard the USS Kittyhawk in 1994. Upon our return from cruise, the squadron was decomissioned and I was transferred to "the Fighting Checkmates" of VF-211 onboard USS Nimitz (1995-1996 timeframe). In late 1996 I attended the Navy's Advanced Fighter Weapons School "Top Gun" and went on to finish my "fleet tour" a year later. After my fleet tour I was offered the opportunity to fly with the USAF on a "pilot exchange" tour where I flew the F-117 "Stealth Fighter". This tour lasted 3 years and we were based at Holloman AFB in lovely (not so much) Alomogordo, NM.

During this tour I got the opportunity to fly in combat during Operation Allied Force (Kosovo conflict). I managed to make it back without getting shot down and subsequently (in late 2000) separated off of active duty. We moved back home (Portland, Maine) that fall and I began flying with the Navy Reserves (C-130's) out of NAS Brunswick, Maine. I was also hired by American Airlines. I flew for American for about three and a half years in the 727, 767 and MD-80 before being furloughed in Nov03. I spent a brief period flying the A-320 for JetBlue before landing a job flying for FedEx. I'm now a First Officer on the DC-10 based out of Memphis. The commute is surprisingly easy out of Portland or Boston. I've got about 3 years to go with the Navy Reserves before I can retire. I just made Commander and we'll see if they dangle O-6 in front of me, but for now I'm planning on getting out at 20. As for the family -- I've been happily married to my wife (Hannah) for 16 years. Our son, Tyler, is 13 and our daughter, Rachel, is 9.

Tom Brodie

My wife of 12 years, daughter (9 years old) and I live in NYC. Short version of history: graduated Penn, MBA at Columbia, joined Lazard Freres in the real estate principal group and ran a publicly-traded REIT for six years until we sold it earlier this year. I recently started my own company to invest in real estate. Still playing a fair amount of golf. I, too, had a Straussberg sighting several years ago, but haven't run into anyone recently.

Ken Klawans

Graduated from Syracuse University in 1989 and married for 12 years now with two awesome boys (Hunter age 11 & Spencer age 7). I currently manage a private equity buyout fund in addition to being in the mortgage/banking field for the past 18 years.  My two brothers, Alan and David are both well. Alan is married with two children also living in Baltimore . David is single and living on the beaches of Maui , Hawaii swimming with the whales and dolphins every day (where did I go wrong?).

James Brodie

I lived in New Orleans for 19 years � Tulane, work, etc.  Last May I decided to pack everybody up and move to Colorado .  We moved during the first week of July and Katrina hit 7 weeks later!  We ran from so many false alarms over the years I can't even remember how many.  Life here is great.  The kids love it and there is a ton to do. We are extremely lucky.

Chip Counihan

I have been in Asia for the last 15 years in Guam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali and now Jakarta. I am in hospitality management & development and our company owns and operates clubs, bars and restaurants.  Send me some news and please do look me up if you visit Asia.

Craig Goldstein

Besides Bill and Rob Solomon, I really have not been in touch with any of my bunkmates since I left camp so many years ago. I graduated NYU in 1986 and went into commercial banking as a lender to middle market and corporate borrowers.  Went back to school at night and got my MBA from NYU in 1994 and subsequently moved into the commercial finance arena with Heller Financial and now CIT for the past seven years, all in NYC.  I am married to Debra for 12 years and have a 10 year old girl (Lauren) and 6 year old boy (Evan).  I live in Jericho ( Long Island ).   My brother Andrew forwarded me pictures from Fernwood Cove last summer from a Chickawah friend who visited that summer.   Two summers ago my family visited sleep away camps for my daughter to see.  We chose Indian Head for her (co-ed camp in Honesdale PA).  One of the reasons why we picked it was because the director at the time had worked for many years at Camp Cedar and instilled the � Maine camp philosophy� into a camp closer to home.  My wife and I re-live our own camp experiences each time we visit and get her letters!  Keep me posted about the next reunion in NYC.

Dan Muskat

I am married (12 years) and have two daughters 9 and 6.  I still live in New Hampshire.  In 1986 I graduated from Tulane having left many, many brain cells in New Orleans.  Thinking it was time to straighten up and fly right I went to Northwestern.  I graduated in 1989 with my MBA.  Hey, Friedman, when were you there?  From there I moved to Tokyo to live for a year.  Like college, that was another wonderful experience.  Upon my return to the USA I worked in the family meat processing company until we sold it in 2000.  I was fortunate enough to be able to retire at the ripe old age of 36!  Well, at least I thought I was fortunate.  After four years of retirement my wife told me to get the hell out of her hair and get a job.  I did.  I bought a franchise called Snappy Auctions.  I now own an eBay storefront and sell people's things on eBay for them.  If you are interested, my eBay id is SnappyAuctions25.  I'd love to hear from people.  My email address is .  Mu nine year old daughter just finished her second summer at Pinecliffe.  Now the dream of swimming across the pond and picking up girls doesn't seem like such a good idea! 

Billy Goldfeder

I am married to a wonderful girl (Teri) and between us, we have 5 kids. My 3 kids are Amy (married and a graduate of OSU), Dani-a Sr. at OSU and Brian, a sophomore at OSU! Teri's son's Sean (Sophomore at OSU) and James, 14.  As some may remember, I always had a passion for firefighting and am in my 33rd year as a firefighter. Check out my website, .  Thanks to Chick, Ceile, Moe, Betty and the entire family for WONDERFUL memories.  Some of you may remember Bart Levy-we are still close friends and just returned form our two families being on vacation together-we had a blast!

Ricky Friedman

I'm married for 13 years with 3 kids (twin girls who are 8 and a 4-year-old girl).  Live and work outside of San Francisco near Stanford University at a company a couple of buddies and I started in 1998.  Went to Cornell and then Northwestern University for grad school--and have lived on the West Coast since 1990.  Haven't (knowingly) seen Chickwah-ians in ages, but will definitely catch up with Neal Shapiro and the other Baltimore characters when (if) I make it back.

Craig Gelband

I live in New Jersey and work for a pharmaceutical company.  My wife, Susan and I have been married 15 years and have two daughers Jessica (10) and Hannah (9). I graduated from Duke in 1985 and went to gradaute school at the University of Miami School of Medicine and earned a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology.  After approximately 12 years in academics, I entered the dark side and joined a "drug" company.  My brothers Mark and Todd are doing well.  Mark lives in Colorado and works for the Univesity of Colorado and Todd is in Miami and works for Department of Justice.

Joey Zirkman

After almost 25 years, abruptly reconnecting with the Chickawah family is almost overwhelming. Chickawah will always be a vivid, defining period of my life. Although we only spent 8 weeks out of the year there, I believe much of who I am today was molded during my Chickawah summers. I saw some of you a few years back at Moe's 80 th . That was an emotional day. But basically have had precious little contact with anyone since my counselor days ended. I truly look forward to talking and meeting with some of you guys soon. There are so many stories and memories������.. (We did some damage didn't we Garkin?)

Fast forward to today � I'm General Counsel for Carrols Corporation � a restaurant company located in Syracuse NY � Until a couple of months ago, I was living in NYC, with my wife Carolyn and my son Maxwell, but have since relocated to the Company's main headquarters in Syracuse, NY having concluded that, among other considerations, it's a better place to raise a 5 year old. For those of you in South Florida, Carrols owns �Pollo Tropical� (I've got coupons for the 1 st 5 callers!), and for those in Texas , we own �Taco Cabana�. Hope you're a fan Mick!

Dave Verlinde

I just retired this past June after teaching high school and junior high school for 33 years. I'm still involved with Boy Scouts, and am now the president of the music boosters where my kids go to school. My son is 16 and my daughter is 13.  It was wonderful hearing from you. It brought back a flood of great memories, probably the best of my life.

John Singer

I've lived in Baltimore since 1987, having moved here for a job and meeting the woman, Karen, who would become my wife with a month of arriving. After ten years of being an associate and then partner with large Baltimore law firms, I left private practice in 1995 and became a prosecutor with the Federal Trade Commission, based in Washington.

I focus on on appellate work in the areas of antitrust and consumer protection law and have never looked back on private practice. I also am an an adjunct professor at George Washington University Law School, teaching trial advocacy. Karen is also a lawyer, the general counsel of a publicly traded real estate developer. We have two children, Charlie, 12, and Amy, 10.

Jon Blum

A huge thanks to Jeff Grant and everyone who is working on this project. It really brings back memories to see the pictures and names of all these people we went to camp with so many years ago. I am married with 2 children ( Madelyn is 6 and Alex is 3) and still living in Baltimore, Maryland. I have worked in the Radio industry for 19 years for CBS Radio. Went to college at Vanderbilt University and was close friends and fraternity brothers with Harry Klaff (What's up ROLD). I would love some type of reunion, complete with a late night showing of "The Seed". Hope to see more pictures and updates.

Jonathan Goldman

I'm married with two kids living in Roslyn where I grew up.  My son is going to camp in Maine next year, a place called Micah in Bridgeton. My niece went to Fernwood Cove last year.  What a blast from the past, just ready everyone's notes.  I'll stay in the loop. I think I remember seeing Jason Scher when I was at Penn, I think he was in law schoo, I was there undergrad. Can't remember if Peter was there.

Judd Volk

About 1991 I was walking to work in NYC when I passed a guy and said to myself "I think that's Marc Straussberg."  I turned around, followed him into a bagel/muffin place and went over and tapped him on the shoulder and asked if it was him.  I think I freaked him out, until I told him who I was.  I had not seen him since 1979 at best, and he was older than me.  Somehow the face just clicked.  Love the web site.  I live and work in Great Neck, NY with my wife, Debbie, and 3 kids - Ethan (9), Brian (6) and Amanda (2).  I graduated from Penn in 1989 (where I met my lovely wife), with classmates Jon Goldman and Peter Scherr (yes, Jon, Peter was there also).  I was also a fraternity brother with Jimmy and Andy Kronenberg (sorry about any hazing). 

I worked in NYC for 9 years and lived there for 7, until just before my first son was born.  Long-story, short, I am now a commercial mortgage broker here in Great Neck, with a one stop-light commute.  I have thought about camp often, especially since we looked at camps this summer for next year for my oldest.  I actually taught my kids the "Work" and "Boys..." songs by signing it to them before bed when they were little, although clearly my recollection of "Boys.." was a little off.  They used to fight about who got to say "bumblebee" in the Work song.  I look forward to any NYC-based camp reunions.

Jimmy Kronenberg

Its great fun to think about the 7 summers I spent in at camp.  I'm calling my mother tonight to have her dig up my 7-year jacket.  Unfortunately, the only Chickawah alum I keep in touch with is my brother (and we can't talk about camp because I'm still rippin' mad that he was chosen as Grey team captain over me).  I look forward to re-connecting with many old friends.   I work in New York as a fiduciary lawyer at Bessemer Trust Company.  My wife, Emily, and I live in Manhattan with our four children: Henry (6), Lily (4), Ned (2) and Thomas (2 months) -- we have our hands full, but we're having a great time.  Count me in for any NY get-togethers.

Glenn Singer

Over the years, I kept in touch sporatically with Neal Shapiro, Ricky Friedman (I stayed at his place in San Francisco several years back, when I was there for a conference), Alan Klawans (who left Chicawah and ended up going to Takajo for a few years) and Dan Geduldig (Dan the Mortgage Man)... I haven't had any contact with any of them in several years, however...  I had the opportunity to visit Chickawah just a year or two before it closed... I went up and spent a long weekend... Friends and family warned me that "you can't go home again" -- but they were wrong -- it was a great visit... "Uncle Moe" even put a chicken gizzard in a Skippy Jar with water and told the entire camp that he had saved my appendix from over ten years before...

I lived in Boston from 1992-1999, and while I was living there, a co-worker from Maine got married in his hometown and I was invited to the wedding... I decided that while in Maine, I had to go visit the site of the camp (even though it had been closed already for several years)... I dragged the woman I was dating at the time along and she was less than enthusiastic as we climbed through boarded up bunks in search for my name on the wall... I discovered that I must have always written my name on the cubbies, which were probably since made into firewood... Finally when I climbed up the steps of the Senior House, I found my name on the wall there... I HAD left my mark!  I was thrilled!!!    My brother John (who just forwarded me the website information (he had gotten it from Neal Shapiro, who was a high school classmate of John's wife, Karen) also lives in Baltimore (I'll be here for another few weeks, until I move "west" to Frederick, MD).  He has two kids, Charlie (12) and Amy (10), who both go to a sailing camp in NC and have become avid sailors.  My two "kids" are of the four-legged variety... I have a Bengal cat and a Beagle dog.  They're both great companions... I also spend my days with my other 115 children, as I am Assistant Head of School at Friends Meeting School, located just outside of Frederick., MD -- hence, the move!  I went to Kenyon College, where I majored in Psychology and also my M.Ed. in Private School Management from Loyola College in Maryland.

David Friedman

I live in NYC, married to Brad's wife's college roommate and have an 11 month old daughter.  After a short-lived teaching career, I am now working in my family's real estate business.  As Brad (Lightbulb) mentioned, we worked at Camp Winnebago for a few summers in Fayette , Maine .  We introduced "'Winnebago' downs" and "the ashes" which I believe they still use today.  Unfortunately, "burying the hachet" only lasted one summer.  We also drove to Chickawah during a day off in the early 90's.  As we drove in, the flag was raised, so we drove up to Moe and Betty's house.  Not only were they sitting on the front porch, but Johnny B was also on camp grounds.

We walked around and swam in Island Pond.  It was a very emotional day.  I shed the last of many tears I had shed at camp on that day.  (Although this was the only time that I cried at camp for an appropriate reason.)  Also while working at Winnebago, we ran into Kirby Voltz at an inter-camp with Wakeela.  (remember those socials!!!!).  Over the years, I have googled Chickawah, dreaming of finding a website like this.  The website has exceeded my expectations. 

Scott Saltman

I live in New Hampshire , where I teach physics, coach volleyball, and chair the science department at Phillips Exeter Academy . My wife Lauren and I have two children; Evan is 6 and Rachel will be 4 in November. For 5 or 6 years after Chickawah closed, I visited every summer. Despite living less than 2 hours away, I haven't visited since Fernwood Cove opened. Given the news here about how well everyone's been treated by the owners, I'm inspired to visit next summer. I'm amazed at how many former Chickawah campers are sending their kids to camp in Maine . I've always hoped that I could find a place for my children that would allow them to learn and grow as I did at camp.

Lowell Kronowitz

Wow! Somehow, still, every summer around June I think I should pack my camp trunk and head to Island Pond!  This year I took my 9 year old son to Maine to look at camps for next summer and I cry that I can't just assume that he'll go to Chickawah!  Jeff, I wish that I knew that you lived in Scarsdale . Until 2 years ago, my family & I lived in Green Acres.  We were there for 7 years!  And I thought it was a small town! In 2004 we packed it up and moved back to Savannah , GA where I grew up.  I have 3 children (2 boys & 7 and 1 girl: 18 months).  After working on The Street for 17 years, I have moved south to become the 4th generation of our family to run our jewelry stores.  (Hopefully, I won't screw it up after 106 years of being in business.)  What a great idea you have!  Thank you!  I will make time this weekend to go through some of my old things and try to find some photos you can post, etc..  This is a great excuse!  I've been wondering where my 7 year jacket is, but who's kidding who, no way it would still fit!!

Michael Friedman

I just finished looking at the site with my wife.  The website is great.  I live in San Rafael , CA ( 10 miles north of SF) now, quite a few miles from 04040.  I have a lot of photos somewhere, either here in SF or at my parents in NYC.  We have 3 girls 8, 5.5, and 3.  I recently started my own direct marketing consulting co a few months ago, so I work form home which is awesome.

Brad Solmsen

All I can say is wow. David Friedman and I are still close - he married my wife's college roommate. Here is a quick update from my end: I am living in Boston . Working at Brandeis University . I am a rabbi but instead of working at a synagogue I am at Brandeis directing a summer program for high school students and doing a bunch of consulting in the world of informal Jewish education. We have two kids - number two arrived three days ago - so my life is fairly crazy right now. My brother (michael aka Mike aka Little Watt) is a producer for the CBS Evening News. He is based in NYC.  After Chickawah David, Michael and I all worked at Camp Winnebago . We have developed strong relationships with the family that owns the camp. It too felt similar in many ways to what has been an irreplaceable phenomenon in our lives.

Richard Mandelbaum

I am married to lianne, and have 3 kids, rebecca, ben, and joshua, and live in Livingston , New Jersey . I graduated Princeton University , and then the Tuck school of business at Dartmouth . I worked on wall street managing a derivative trading desk for 11 years, and recently joined my brothers in the family real estate business. I see Robby Stern, Jimmy Weinstein, and Scott Saltman.

Erick Sydow

I am living in Monterrey , Mexico . I've been married for 7 years and have 3 daughters !!! how about that?  I have a web page, that has not been updated in a while, but it will give you feel of the family. That was about 1 year ago, before Isabella came along.   I am working for a company called British American Tobacco.

Gary Arkin

Chickawah defined my childhood days and I would love to participate in any reunion you plan.  I also visited Fernwood Cove.  I was on a ski trip through my kid's school and was talking to a girl who went to camp in Maine .  After a few minutes, I realized that she was going to Chickawah!  My family went to Maine the next summer and visited Fernwood Cove.  The owners were great.  They took us around for hours.  They have intentionally kept many of the Chickawah traditions � right down to the boys names in the bunks!  I found my name and the names of many friends.   Richard, Michael and I all work together for a homebuilder in South Florida .  I am married for 17 years and have two boys, ages 12 and 14, who now go to Camp Manitou in Maine .  While nothing is Camp Chickawah , they do run the camp in many ways similar to how Mickey and Moe ran ours.   In fact, that is where I ran into Glen Schwartzman as his son goes there as well.

Brian Kishter

I graduated from Duke in '88, met my lovely wife Amy there. After a few years in California and several more in Baltimore , we moved to Madison , Wisconsin in 1996. We love Madison , have 2 kids, son Ben will be 9 in November, daughter Stephanie just turned 4 in June. I am a manager at the University of Wisconsin , work in the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). I would love for my kids to have the same kind of camp experience that I did at Chickawah, wouldn't that be nice.

Rob Solomon

I am 40, and living in Salem , Massachusetts.  I have a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old son from my first marriage (which ended after 13 years).  I am currently very happy in my 2nd year of marriage number 2. I am a network systems engineer for a local consulting company. I visited Chickawah before it became Fernwood back in 1988.  There was a Grateful Dead show at Oxford Plains raceway.  About 100,000 people showed up for that.

Remember Oxford plains?  That is a 2-lane highway.  It was a 2-day show and we were there to stay, but we were parked far enough away to be able to drive out.  We went to Chickawah that night, parked by the gate, left a note in the car ("Parked by permission of Moe Steinberg"), walked in and slept in bunk 14.  The next morning we went up to the lodgeand Moe and Betty were there.  We visited for a while.  Moe had come out the night before and saw the note.  They were concerned about trespassing freaks because they heard there was this crazy Grateful Dead thing going on!

Arthur Friedman

Graduated from Yale in 1989.  Law school at the University of Texas in Austin .  Came to San Francisco after law school, where I met my wife Debbie within my first few months in town (at a chanukah party of all places). Deb and I have been married 11 years.  We have two children, Nicole, age 9 in fourth grade, and Ben, age 7 in second grade. We live in Mill Valley , which is 5 miles north of San Francisco in Marin County . I'm a partner at a mid-sized law firm of about 75 lawyers, Steefel, Levitt & Weiss, which has offices in S.F., Los Angeles and Stamford Ct.   My practice is commercial litigation -- mostly business/contracts and real estate related disputes.  Our family's passion is travel and skiing.  This year we took the kids to London and Edinburgh Scotland for two weeks, which was amazing.  The kids are finally old enough for larger trips.  Last winter both kids were able to ski the blue runs with us, and we are hoping they pick up this season where they left off. My wife Debbie is the producer for an environmental radio talk show on Air America called EcoTalk.  Starting in the next week or two, EcoTalk will begin to air daily in most major cities on Air America stations.  We are the classic example of the Toyota Prius-driving, tree-hugging San Francisco liberal democrats.

Jeff Grant

The summer after my last year at camp, Peter Scherr and I went to Israel for six weeks.  I attended the University of Michigan , where I met my wife, Karen.  We live in Scarsdale , NY , with our identical twin boys, Sam and Ted (8 yrs old).  Sam and ted LOVE the " Alice " song, although to Mickey's dismay, they prefer to sing the "figure" version.  After college, I worked for a number of years at the CBS Television Network (Mickey Pilson's dad may have just left the Sports Dept when I was there).  I left CBS in 1996 to work for Turner Broadcasting.  At Turner, I started at CNN, then moved over to Cartoon Network about seven years ago.  They still haven't picked up my Chickaman pitch...

Ira Berezowsky

A couple of years ago while on business in Boston , I took a ride to Camp.  As most of you know, it is now a girls camp.  They were most gracious and let me walk around for a while.  I have attached a couple of pictures and, as you can see, not much has changed which to me is a good thing.  Also attached is a picture of the Magic Lantern Theater in Bridgton which many of us frequented on those "town nights".  (I recall seeing The Last Picture Show there with Neal Sachs as he thought it would be cool to take us kids to a movie with some nudity.)

Stephen Goldman

When I started looking into sleep away camps for my sons, I searched the internet to see if Camp Chickawah still exists.  I was so happy to find out Chickawah is still around, even if its a girls camp. Without the great memories of Chickawah I'm not sure if I could of talked my kids into going to sleep away camp.  This is fantastic that you have been comunicating with each other and a possible reunion.  The only person I've bumped into was Steven Lerner about 20 years ago in New York State at ski weekened.  I was wondering if Mark Staussberg still only eats peanut butter sandwiches?  I am married and have twin boys (fraternal) own garden apartment buildings, coin laundromats, construction company.  Regarding the hair issue, have some (little). Have all my camp photos from camp and would love to share them at a reunion. Please let me know if it still going to happen in September. Only regret, never went for my seventh year and got my jacket.

Robert Stern

My lovely wife, Amy, sees Richard Mandelbaum's wife at least once a week - - they are pros at spending our money.  I have three great kids, Alexis (9), Rachel (6) and Ryan (1).  My mother still works at Jamaica High School (Zirkman's mother worked there; and, I think Moe and/or Betty worked there (do not hold me to that)).  My younger brother Jeffrey, who was in your bunk, works for Ross Perot, is married and has two boys.  He lives on Long Island .  My youngest brother, Andrew, he writes TV shows (Showtime's Sleeper Cell), off-Broadway shows and has been asked to write a major motion picture.  He lives in NYC and LA.

Jason Oletsky

Kenny Klaff just sent me the site to the Chickawah Chirps.  Unbelievable!  What memories.  Too much to say in an e-mail, but married, 3 kids, live in Weston, Florida, Liebowitz lives down the street from me, Rich Arkin works out with me at the guy, Gary Arkin lives in the next town (the Arkins and Mike Sheitelman work for GL Homes), one of the largest clients of my law firm.  Would love to be able to get a contacts and information list on the site so everyone can catch up with one another.

Harry Klaff

Thank you for including us.  Terrific to get reconnected with Chickawah.

Michael Mandelbaum

Great to hear from you both.  Jeff, if my kids knew you were at Cartoon Network, they would think you are a celebrity.  I am married (to Debra) and have three children, Kerri (12), Matthew (10) and Griffin (3).  I have lived in NJ almost all my life, and work in our family real estate business with all three of my brothers.  After college, I attended law school, and then went to work directly for one of our operating businesses for 3 years (a grain company).  I have crossed paths with David Scher, who is a doctor and lives and works in NYC.  Our family is close with the Weinstein's, (Jim Weinstein), so we see him often. My two oldest kids go to camp in Casco , Maine , near camp Cedar (to a 4 week camp called Laurel South).  I have not been back to Chickawah.  Since Jeff is closer geographically than Arthur, I suspect I will catch up with him sooner, but I look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully getting together soon.

Andy Klaff

It's great to hear from all of you.  I have a colleague that sends his kids to Fernwood, which is a girl's camp that used to be Chickawah.  According to pictures, the camp has not changed a bit. Christin and I have three kids:  Ryan (9), Colin (7) and Annie (4).  I have been in Northern Virginia since I graduated from Franklin & Marshall College . Thanks for including me in the loop.

Ken Klaff

Leslie and I have two kids Jacob (4) and Brandon (1). We live in Roseland , New Jersey where we have been for the last 4 years. I work for Right Management, a global career management consulting firm, out of the Parsippany office.

Neal Shapiro

I had the opportunity to visit the camp two summers ago.  I was vacationing in Maine with my family, and we spent an afternoon there.  It's a girls camp now (Fernwood Cove), but it looks pretty much the same.  I even got to have lunch in the old dining hall with all the kids.  It was quite nostalgic.

To see more photos, click here.


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