"Chickawah Artifacts: From the Trunk"

Chickawah Premiums and Clothing

Chickawah Pennant 

Chickawah Pennant (D. Sigman) 

Chickawah Pennant (D. Sigman) 

Chickawah Pennant (R. Kesselman) 

Chickawah 60th Anniversary Pennant (N. Shapiro) 

Carry-On Travel Bag 

Chickawah Mini-Football 

7-Year Jacket (G. Singer) 

Chickawah Uniform T-Shirt (G. Singer) 

Uniform Shorts (N. Shapiro) 

Chickawah Sweatshirt (N. Shapiro) 

Front Original Design 7-Year Jacket (B. Kimmelman) 

Back Original Design 7-Year Jacket (B. Kimmelman) 

Jim Krupnick's 7 Year Jacket 

Clipboard premium (J. Krupnick) 

Carry-On Travel Knapsack 

Loosleaf Binder premium (C. Pohlman) 

Staff Shorts 

50th Anniversary Ruler (D. Sigman) 

1983 Beaver tribe shirt (B. Polakoff) 

book cover (L. Werner) 

Uncle Chick's letter sweater from the 1930's 

Signs and Plaques

Island Pond Road Sign for Camp 

Junior Shield Boy Plaque 

Shield Boy Plaque 

Land Sports Plaque 

Blue and Gray Captains Plaque 

1980 Senior House Plaque 

Directors' Sign 

1985 Tribe Plaque (J. Rosen) 

1931 Best All-Around Camper Banner 

Best All Around Plaque 

Best All Around Plaque 

Golf Plaque 

Riflery Plaque 

1967 Olympiad Scroll (P. Schottland) 

Manhattan Island Swim Plaque 

Water Ski Tournament Plaque (T. Abrams) 

Ham Radio Postcard from 1953 

1976 signed canoe trip paddle 

Rules of the Waterfront 

Patches, Medals, Awards

Island Swim Patch 

Water-Ski Camper Patch 

Riflery Patches 

Kenny Klawans' CAA Membership Card 

Hugh Sanders' Junior Yeoman Diploma 

Kenny Klawans' Marksman Certificate 

Hugh Sanders' Beginner Swimmer Card Card 

Hugh Sanders' Marksman 1st Class Diploma 

Junior Marksman 1st Class Patch (R. Kesselman) 

Junior Marksman Patch (R. Kesselman) 

Junior Sharpshooter Patch (R. Kesselman) 

Junior Yeoman Archery Patches 

Archery Bowman Patch 

Archery Bowman First Rank Patch (R. Kesselman) 

1924 Best Camper medal for George Hornstein (front) 

1924 Best Camper medal for George Hornstein (back) 

Irwin Rosenberg's best athelete medal for swimming and track from 1926 

Close-Up of Back of Medal 

David Sanders' best all around camper, batting and handball medal from 1922 

Close-Up of Back of Medal 

Senior Life Saving Patch (R. Kesselman) 

Intermediate Swimmer Patch 

Various Swim Patches 

Advanced Swimmer Card 

Canoeing Card 

Intermediate Swimmer Card 

Jr Lifesaving Card 

Swimmer Card 

Water Ski Camper Card Card 

10 Mile Swim and Stay Fit Card 

20 Mile Swim and Stay Fit Card 

30 Mile Swim and Stay Fit Card 

Advanced Swimmer Card 

Swimmer Card 

Life Saving Card 

Advanced Swimmer Card (rear view...R. Kesselman) 

Swimmer Card (rear view...R. Kessleman) 

Swim Patches (D. Sigman) 

Various Ribbons (D. Sigman) 

Various Ribbons (G. Ellis) 

Various Ribbons (G. Ellis) 

Various Ribbons (G. Ellis) 

Bunk Honor Ribbon 

CIT Certificate 

1970 Gray Captain Fish (Jan Goldman) 

1976 Blue Captain Fish (David Sigman) 

1980 Gray Captain Fish (Neal Shapiro) 

1965 Gray Captain Medallion (Jim Krupnick) 

1974 Harvey Schwartz Buffoon Award, awarded to David Sigman 

Various trophies 

Miscellaneous Stuff

1945 Statement of Account 

1980 Pricing Document for Hanold's Camp Clothing 

50 Cent Piece with bullet hole fired by Carl Pohlman 

Original Johnny B Tiki God 

Plaque sent to Glenn Singer when his appendix was removed 

Chickawah Picture Book Cover 

Opening to Dave Verlinde's waterfront guidebook 

Chickawah shrine wall prepared by Fernwood Cove CITs in the Social Hall 


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