Camp Chickawah Song Book

"Clink the Glasses" (Banquet Song)

Clink the glasses, hurrah, for Camp Chickawah
Drink 'er down, drink 'er down, down, down
Fill 'em up once again in Chickawah's name
Drink 'er down, drink 'er down, down, down
Chickawah will shine
Chickawah for mine
From now til eternity
La di da da da da
Fill 'em up once again in Chickawah's name
Drink 'er down, drink 'er down, down, down


Alice, where are you going?
I'm going upstairs to take a bath.
She had a figure* just like toothpick
and a neck like a giraffe.
Alice got in the bathtub
and she pulled out the plug.
Oh my goodness,
oh my soul,
there goes Alice down the hole.
Alice, where are you going?

*Mickey says:
"at the risk of continuing an argument
that must be 30 years old by now,
the words to "alice" posted on
the website are wrong!
The correct line is:
she had a FORM just like a toothpick"


Work, work
Work don't bother me.
I'm just as happy as a bumblebee.
Eat whenever I get it.
Sleep most all the time.
I don't give a ***** if the sun don't ever shine.
I'll go anywhere.
Never pay a fare.
A good long hike will take me anywhere.
Cuz I'm just as happy as a bumblebee.
I don't bother work, and work don't bother me.


Chick Chick Chick Chickawah for me
(Chickawah-wah, Chickawah-wah)
That's the only place I wanna be
(Chickawah-wah, Chickawah-wah)
We all live in Bungalows
And it keeps us on our toes
If a particle of dust's detected
When our bunks are all inspected
Chick Chick Chick Chick Chickawah's complete
(Chickawah-wah, Chickawah-wah)
With a lake that no one else can beat
We all swim like little fishes
And the water is delicious
Chick Chick Chick Chick Chickawah for me

"Boys Let's Gather All Around"

Boys, let's gather all around
In the camp fire light
Sing, for time is flying fast
And we're young tonight
Youth is life's great treasure
Youth, that’s full of joy and pleasure
Sing our praises near and far for you Camp Chickawah
Chickawah, will you remember
All the friends that you have won?
From July until September
We'll never miss a minute of the fun (of the fun)
In years to come we'll wander
But we'll think of you no matter where we are
Memories will make us fonder of you Camp Chickawah!
How how how.

"Alma Mater"

In the wooded hills of Maine
Under skies above
Loyal sons we’ll e’er remain
To the camp we love.
Chickawah, Chickawah
Camp of Gray and Blue
We will ever sing thy praise
To thee we’ll e’er be true

"Camp Days"

Camp days, camp days
Dear old golden camp days.
Just for one summer come up to Maine
And at Camp Chickawah you’ll remain.
Wonderful days you’ll ne’er regret
Wonderful friends you’ll ne’er forget
And will we come back next year?
You bet!
To go camping at old Chickawah.

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